Carla Else Schreuder

Artistic Painter

portraits , landscapes , human figures , animals , flowers , architecture , free subjects , copies of old masters.


Carla in line

Wassenaar-born Carla has been painting for over 25 years. She spent some of her childhood years in the English county of Hampshire, where she developed a preference for soft colours: the use of pastel tints is characteristic of all her work. She later took drawing and painting lessons at the Senirupa ITB Art Academy in Bandung, Indonesia, the Artibus evening academy in Utrecht and the Free Academy in The Hague.

Says Carla: "My exhibitions shows that I study Nature and in particular the Human Figure in its natural environment. Human dimensions play a key role in both architecture and sculpture. My portraits, figure studies and water colours of plant life and landscapes express my inspired love of a fascinating world. In my work, a line can be discerned that we encounter in all creative civilizations: the desire to highlight what is good and beautiful, and to minimize the role of the opposite. I have deliberately opted to draw attention to the splendour and glory of natural forms, to the emotional and rational approachability of creation."

The mix of techniques - water colours, charcoal, graphite and oil paint - that Carla uses in her works enhance their beauty.

The works may be bought from Carla Schreuder direct. She also paints on commission. For more information, please contact the artist on 070-3249255 or 06-28429576.


"Your portrait will be more than a photographic image ; it will be boldly like no camera or computer has ever dreamt of before ; it will be a unique merge of you and art.

 I have over 20 years of experience in artistic painting.

I use oil paint , water color , charcoal , acrylic paint , and other , on either linen , canvas , wood , paper , silk , walls , and I also make frescos.

You can choose. And I can advise you concerning the interior of your home or office , and on your clothing.

Carla Else Schreuder

Write me at :
Wassenaarseweg 94 ,
2596 CZ The Hague ,
Netherlands , Europe ,
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